Saturday, August 11, 2018

Dear God, what is it that there is different between this morning and the one before? Or the one to follow? My part in each is the same: to awaken and begin to seek your will for me. The routine tasks of preparing the day provide a steady rhythm. The slow drumbeat of each day following its brother soothes me.

Yet on this day, the morning quickens my heart. Some mystery lurks around the corner, a surprise prepared with dimensions only I can see. You made it for me.

O, Lord, you thrill me! Why do I so often flee in terror from this celebration you have arranged?

God, let me be attentive to these feelings coursing through my body. The hastened breath, the tightened belly. I am the racehorse at dawn, quietly chewing oats, knowing that soon I will called to race.

Lord, let me make ready to run.

(Letter #1309)