Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dear God, make me ever more willing to act and act. Every leaf or twig out of place, every ill-placed footfall or wrongly-spoken word – each, as it comes into notice, is an opportunity for guidance. Lord, show me what you would have me do to make corrections, and let me become willing to do it.

I am afraid. I fear I will not get the notice I desire, that my actions will become criticized, that I will gain infamy, that I will never become more than I am now. I face this cauldron of worry as if it were all regret, wistful wishes made at the end of a struggling life.

Oh, Lord, bring my soul and mind back to this moment. Tell me the way I should walk, and make my feet go that way. Let the willingness follow along.

Shove me in the right direction, Lord.

(Letter #1310)