Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dear God, the terror I feel as I anticipate the day’s events is out of all proportion to reality.

I fear I will be assailed – in truth I rarely am ever even gently rebuked. I fear I will be frantically busy – in truth my duties are always manageable. I fear I will not know what to say or do – in truth, Lord, you have ever guided me.

God, let me see the reality of my day through this haze of worry. My fears are the workings of pride: by over dramatizing my fears I apear to myself more important than I am. These feared outcomes are the pretend catastrophes of a tragic figure.

Lord, let this drama slip away. Let my day be one of simple work, loving effort. Let the simplicity of the day drip like honey over these churning emotions, soothing my thinking and attitudes. Take away the pride makes me see my life as dramatic, let it be replaced by the simple desire to do your will.

(Letter #1404)