Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dear God, you have held my hand and gently pulled me along your pathways, in small steps, until here I am. The land around me is rich with fruit and teeming with fellow creatures.

Such pity I have for the frightened, worried, resentful one who began this walk with you. That one was as a frightened rabbit, fearful of the smallest movement. That one was riddled with defects, with pride and selfishness and slothfulness, the consequences of which were a great weight. Chaos was nigh.

Lord, as we walk along these byways, I struggle with the same shortcomings, but I feel so strongly your shining love. The worries fade. The sloth abates. Bit by bit, I think more of my fellows.

O! Lord, let me have gratitude for how far this guidance has brought me. Let me share this vision of bounty that you show me. Resting with you, I know all is abundance. My fleeting worries are simply misperceptions.

Sit with me, Lord, and warm me. Let us watch beauty together.

(Letter #1440)