Monday, March 4, 2019

Dear God, this part of the path is steep. I can feel my legs work, muscles deep in my hips, as my strides move me up and up. The breeze seems to come from below, and unaccustomed direction.

Rest would be welcome but it will come later. To stop now, I would slip and fall. For now I climb.

Lord, you have strengthened me through many days’ journey on the plains. The road was gentle and I found rest by streams. On the way to the next valley, I need the strength you have built me. And I have it!

What, Lord, is over the rise? I know only that you have set me on this path and bid me walk.

Let my steps be consistent today. I have practiced this. Let me walk today, as persistently as I did yesterday. Tomorrow I may be in new meadows; today let me pick my steps with care.

(Letter #1,514)