Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dear God, how shall I be your beacon in this world? How shall I shine forth?

Let your light, shining through me, be something discovered by others when least sought. A weary traveler finds the road smooth just when strength was lost. A hungry one finds extra bread tucked behind other items. A frightened one is granted an unsought and unexpected reprieve.

Dear Lord, let me be the one who repairs the road in secret, that others may walk without care. Let me be the baker who makes extra loaves, and leaves them for others to find. Let me be the one who whispers and softens the jailer’s heart.

Your light, Lord, shining through me. Let me call no attention to myself, but instead cast your light where others most need it.

Let not the lighthouse stand tall with pride, yet instead humbly guide others on their own way. Let me be forgotten.

(Letter #1,519)