Thursday, April 4, 2019

Dear God, find me, crouched behind a bush in this wide landscape. I hide from imaginary forces. I see myself preparing for battle, frightened in the face of conflicts to come.

Steal in upon me while I prepare myself, slip into my heart, open my eyes. What battle? What enemies? What trials? There only ever was me, a child imagining monsters in shadows.

I can stand, walk the lands. My hiding place was only waist high. I see others huddled behind small bushes. We all hide from one another as if we were armies, and not the gentle creatures we are.

Let me gaze fondly on all these cowering friends. I was trembling, alone. You found me, and I learned you were always here. We have no need to crouch; we can stand and look with love to each others’ eyes.

Look! A bench on which to sit. Let some friends visit with me while I rest.

(Letter #1,545)