Saturday, April 6, 2019

Dear God, what shall I sacrifice today? What of value would you have me relinquish?

I may easily abandon rusting piles of treasure, and easy words of kindness may flow like water from my mouth — all without cost. How, Lord, shall I dig deeper? What shall I give up to you, to others, to all?

Shall I sacrifice a posture of gratitude to you? This might mean giving thanks for every experience, even those that diminish and vex me. This might mean, above all, depleting my own precious hoard of time.

Let me give of my today, dear Lord. Let me give the things whose loss I will truly feel. Let me give thanks for the loss and pain — for it may make me more compassionate towards my fellows and hence more fit to be your instrument.

O! Make me ready to shun comfort on today’s march. I can carry more; let me pick up these burdens.

(Letter #1,547)