Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dear God, let me be present before you. I set aside this time to seek you; let me not undercut this intention by distracting myself.

What tasks would you have me do today, O Lord? I worry they may be beyond me. But, in truth, I have never been unequal to any of your burdens. Instead, if I am honest with myself, I find that you place no demands on me whatsoever.

You offer opportunity for me to draw near to you. I take this opportunity, or I do not. Even when I stray far from your presence, you are patient, lovingly waiting for my return and you never spurn me when I finally come to myself.

What a kind and loving friend you are! You are no taskmaster.

Let me reflect your love in some small way to those around me today. Let me reject no one’s humanity.

God, grant me the willingness to see you before me, not just in this secret place of prayer but in everyday times as well. Let me be awake to you, unbound by trance, and undistracted by self.