Monday, December 10, 2018

Dear God, this gnawing fear at the center of my chest, like an animal chewing through its cage, is built of all I have left undone and all before which I am in adequate. The tasks omitted, the pride that has made me idle, the lack of resources in the face of all I yet need. Fear and pride, Lord – these grip me and I can barely think.

Lord, enter this room! Shine your light in the shadows. Shake me awake. Hold my hand and guide me, I am so small. Let me not run from my next task, my next opportunity to experience your love.

Thy will be done

(Letter #1430)

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Dear God, let me be a small voice murmuring in the wind. Let me whisper to my fellows all that I have learned from you. Huddled here on this plain, we bend our heads to one another to hear, leaning in to what each we say.

Let me not shout my findings but speak low. Let me erase the self in me and try to be the we who acts on your will.

We huddle, we pray. O! Lord, let us hold hands and speak underneath the wind. We cannot hear, yet we hear.

The message, passed from servant to servant: all is well.

(Letter #1429)

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Dear God, distractions turn my attention away from you and toward the worldly. But this, too, is your design — for me to leave self and walk with my fellows.

Let me serve those whom I see as vexation. Crush these, my selfish intentions, Lord, my plans and narrow designs. Leave behind an open plain that I may husband new growth.

These shadows who come and go: they are sowers sent by you. Let me see them for the treasures they are.

(Letter #1428)

Friday, December 7, 2018

Dear God, when I worry, you soothe me with reminders of all that I already have, these showers of gifts already delivered. And then on today’s march, you deliver yet more. Even on my neediest days, I rest at their end with enough

But Lord, let me become aware of the true gifts you hold out to me. These momentary items that rescue me, this sense of gratitude for my position compared to others’ – these are fleeting. The true gift you offer, Lord, is the conviction that all is already well. These other gifts are not needed, they are simply balm to smooth rough edges.

Lord, let me grow in my faith and awareness of how fundamentally you love me, your child.

All is well. Tell it to me. Make me believe. All is well.

(Letter #1427)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Dear God, I am awake to you. This has come bit by bit. I cannot point to a time when I became aware, but I know there is a time when I was not. I moved from wilderness to peace.

Lord, let me remain in an awakened state. I so easily become numb to your love and gifts that I begin to move automatically. I go through the motions. But let me be devoted, not simply obedient.

Thy will be done today.

(Letter #1426)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Dear God, I approach my days as if I alone were responsible for my own and others’ well-being. I face myriad troubles. I become dispirited and overwhelmed. I forget even the prior day’s deliverance, the recent gifts of supply right when needed. You showered gifts upon me yesterday and will do so again.

Lord, let me see the reality of how supported I truly am. These problems I see are illusions. They grow out of wrong sight, out of forgetfulness of your love. Let me set aside these wrongheaded thoughts, and become like a trusting child who does not wonder whether he will receive, but rather when and how.

Let me remember to await delights. Thy will be done.

(Letter #1425)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dear God, let me value what others overlook. Draw me to the humility that others ridicule for their advantage. When those around me strive and climb over me, let me cheer them on.

Let the world rush forward while you, Lord, have rooted my feet and set my anchor. The current sweeps by. Here I stand while others progress. Yet, Lord, will come the time when my immobility is needed, when I will be tied to.

Lord, make me joyful in my preparations.

(Letter #1424)