Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dear God, the happenings of the world vex or elate me, yet in truth they are inconsequential. Whether I go here or there, do this or that, meet him or her – all ephemeral.

What endures? No matter my circumstance, I still carry with me the task you have set, O Lord: to live rightly and spread your love. The conditions under which I do this are no more important than which color garment I will wear.

Lord, let me see into the truth of things.

(Letter #1359)

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dear God, I reflect on my past, both distant and near. Whom have I harmed? How do I know? If they were here with me, now, what would they say? What would they tell me?

Lord, let me look at myself squarely. Let me stand erect in the face of who I am. Let me greet all in the world as brothers and sisters.

Let me not be double minded! Clear away this selfish pride, this fearful self-absorption. Let my motives be single, clear, pure. Guide my heart towards love, dear Lord. Let me take all comers by the hand, as you have done for me. Let me whisper in their ear the good news that all will be well, all is already well.

(Letter #1358)

Friday, September 28, 2018

Dear God, tasks weigh on me as burdens placed on an already-full cart. I feel scrutinized and stretched, unsupported. Lord, let me find strength in you. Let me see my own circumstance through clear eyes and not through a haze of self-pity.

Instead, Lord, let me find a way to see your hand in all things, even those things that try my strength and attitude.

Let me act with love today. Let me so act even in the face of trial and challenge.

(Letter #1357)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dear God, I am so weak and needy jn my self-perception. I look inside and lament my lack of strength and my weariness. How, Lord, can I see my fatigue as opportunity? Let me place greater dependence upon you. Let me seek more help from my fellows.

Let my relationships be ones of energy exchange – let me give service, knowing this energy will propagate.

O Lord! Make me a source of light today, shining for all. Let me be unashamed at the points where my brightness dims.

(Letter #1356)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dear God, let me set to work in service to my fellows. Let me see every activity as devotion. Let my desire to have my needs met slip away – let me become empty, keeping nothing in reserve. As I am replenished, let me expend my energy in further service. Let me give.

(Letter #1355)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dear God, let me move with ease today. Let me not struggle and scurry. So often I am like a frightened rabbit, running from place to place, heart pounding.

My feeling: what if they catch me? But I never wonder: who are “they,” and what indeed would happen if I were “caught?”

O, Lord, I am safer than I realize. So let me walk slowly and peacefully today. Let my furtive heartbeats slow. Let me live a life that has greater faith – a life in which I realize that I am your child under your care.

(Letter #1354)

Monday, September 24, 2018

Dear God, let me glide into every circumstance today.

So much troubles me. Raise me above the ground, let me move unspotted by my troubles.

I awaken wondering how I ever will be equal to the tasks I face. Fear grips me. I will fail. I will be found out. I will be shunned. Lord, take it all away, leave me naked and glowing.

Grant me knowledge of your will for me, and the power to carry it out.

(Letter #1353)

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Dear God, my words, even those of prayer, can be so hollow. I speak by rote, I pray as from a script. Lord, let me draw near to you in inner silence. Let no words come between my need and your answer. Let my thoughts carry my prayers straight into you. Let me hear your answer in my core, directly.

What I learn in this quiet time cannot be spoken. I try and it is mercury, slipping away. Useless words.

Lord, let me grasp what I know. My desire to speak it is prideful at root – let me know you in silence.

(Letter #1352)

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dear God, let me be at home here, in the present moment. I spend so much time away from here, in the future, worrying over and planning for tomorrow, or in the past, fretting about and reliving yesterday.

Too rarely am I here. Lord, let me be here.

If I see this present moment rightly, I am safe and secure no matter what tomorrow may bring nor what yesterday may have delivered. Indeed: nothing can happen now, for the consequences will always be in a following moment.

So let me breathe today, dear Lord. Let my breath be prayer.

(Letter #1351)

Friday, September 21, 2018

Dear God, judgment of others weighs me down. My thoughts can be so bitter and wrathful. I smile and laugh with others, yet too often I scorn inwardly.

Lord, take control of my thinking, set my inner life into order. Correct the thoughts that reel around inside me, that block me from experiencing and giving love. Let me do your will today, in action, word, and thought.

(Letter #1350)