Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dear God, what if I were to see you as my literal guide? Like a companion in the forest, advising me on the course to take, with my best interest in mind. You know the terrain – the pitfalls, the dangers, the glorious meadows, the broad vista points.

If I listen, you will direct me. At a fork in the path, you may advise one direction, for you know the dangers that lie in the other. Yet I stubbornly make my own decision and take the worse road. Even so, you do not abandon me.

You know this path I chose leads to some danger or a dead end – but you know of another fork I can take along the way that will lessen the burden. I make my choices, however poor they may be, and yet you stick with me. And when I obstinately run into some insurmountable obstacle, there you will carry me to safety.

Lord, when I examine my life, I find this truly has been my experience. Today, as I walk through it, let me try to listen to your guidance, yet also have faith that even my wrong choices can be repaired by your grace.

Let me understand how free this makes me. Let me understand how futile my worries really are. Let me understand how fundamentally you protect me.