Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dear God, my worries are so trivial, yet they loom so large. I am faced with a number of tasks and I am fearful I will not complete them. If I examine this list it is minor, filled with trivia. Yet my sense of anxiety is large. It is all out of proportion.

Lord, let me learn. My reactions are almost always more intense than warranted. I overreact, both negatively and positively. Grant me improvement of my emotions. Let me not live in a state of excitement. Anger, fear, elation, mania. The intensity of these feelings is unsupportable. Let me have the gift of serenity – a measured emotional life. Let my faith in you provide an inner calm in the face of such intensity.

Let me have sufficient faith that my fear dissipates, and my giddiness tempers. These are outgrowths of my emphasis on self. Burn it away, and leave behind a quiet open space.

Let me walk slowly through my day, without worry and bother. Let me react proportionately. Let me quietly listen for your instructions.

Slow me down, O Lord. Let me do your will.

(Letter #847)