Monday, May 29, 2017

Dear God, I am so changeable; you are an unchanging source of power and love. On each day the correction I need differs. One day I need my spirits bolstered. Another, I need to be taken down a peg. These lessons and supports you send me are always tailored to my particular situation and I respond to them variably.

Lord, you watch over me. I regret the past; I worry for the future. Today, you shine upon me and you tell me, if I will but listen, that nothing will arrive today that I cannot handle. I am up to the tasks, because you have prepared them for me. Just for me.

Lord, let me approach you as my father, as a child before you. I ask, what will we do today? Let me ask with excited anticipation.

Let me be a doer of your will today, not just one who hears and does nothing. Let me act today, overcoming inertia and sloth.

Let me run, seeking fields in which to sow your love. Your loving hands support me. Let me spread the news of this to those who despair.

Thank you for your loving embrace.