Saturday, July 1, 2017

Dear God, a sense of ease and calmness is on the edge of my awareness. I can feel it trying to settle in upon me, yet it remains just out of reach. As I focus on my desire for this calm, like a cloud it dissipates — and I instead find myself listing those things that cause me fear and anxiety. I replace ease with trouble.

Lord, this tendency to willfully turn my thoughts to my own supposed troubles is a temptation. Like other temptations, it exists to teach me loyalty and faith in you. Such faith in turn teaches me to avoid acting on my many shortcomings.

Lord, let me pass on your love today. Let my faith in you be infectious. Just as I can easily spread rumor and gossip, I can just as easily spread joy and serene faith.

Let me allow that feeling of ease to settle in upon me. Let me not chase it away with my own self-regard.

(Letter #913)