Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dear God, what is your will for me today? Let me be willing to do more than simply ask this question. Let me be willing to listen for your answer and to act on it.

This is the test of my growth and improvement. I may easily make a show of seeking your guidance. But if I am honest with myself, many have been the times I knew the right course of action – I knew your will for me – yet I refused to follow it. Perhaps I was afraid, but more often I was selfish. Acting on my own will, pursuing my own ends, and refusing your guidance, leaves me remorseful and demoralized.

Lord, let me be willing to take the actions you would have me do. Guide my feet and hands, control my words.

Let me be useful and responsible today. Let me make consistent effort in being the person you would have me be.

(Letter #944)