Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dear God, when I am alone with myself, as I am now, let my thought life be productive. Let it bend to your will. Let it follow your leading. Guide me, that I may not fall into dissolution and idleness. Move me to build with the empty time you deliver to me. I have so many unpursued plans. Given the opportunity to coast, I so easily will take it.

God, grant me the willingness to hear your call. Let me not believe the self-congratulatory voice that tells me how fine I am, how good my intentions are, how piously I behave. For I can bring pride to bear in every nook and cranny of my life.

God, make me right-sized. Let me have an enduring awareness of how imperfect I am.

Today I will have many opportunities to pursue a lower path, or a higher one. I will have the opportunity to be lazy, self-centered, and prideful. I will at the same time have the opportunity to be assiduous, giving, and to seek humility. Let me choose the latter.

Let me act as if I am a better man. Perhaps practice will make it so.

(Letter #959)