Friday, August 25, 2017

Dear God, you have made the world, and this includes all beings that dwell within it. I am among them, a creature formed of your will. I am yours.

Why then, sometimes, do I despise my inner workings, regret my actions, bewail my intent? I accept the weather, as it is delivered by you and is beyond my control. Let me accept myself and my flawed nature as equally of your making.

Lord, you have set for me the task of inhabiting this body, this mind, and fashioning the best person I am able to be.

Let me, Lord, see this selfhood as a divine gift. You animate me and give me choice. Let me choose freedom by surpassing body and emotion. These things are part of the conditions of my world, delivered by you, but you also call me to dwell apart from them, with you. Let me dwell with you. Let me seek you.

(Letter #968)