Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dear God, sit with me. Be my companion. My interior life is a turmoil, even as my outer life appears placid. My mind tumbles event upon possible event; I craft great palaces in the future and like a child I kick them over with equally great imagined calamity. All false.

Sit with me. Be my companion, a fellow sitting beside me, watching the smooth waters of an indifferent lake. On the far shore, a deer grazes without fear. Nearer, a fish jumps. The sun shines.

When filled with worldly vexations, I am blind to all the serene beauty around me. Sit with me. Calm me, let me see it. Make it visible even when I am shut away in an interior room, or thronged by others with their demands.

Let me quietly feel your nearness. Let me be settled by it.

Thank you.

(Letter #997)