Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dear God, each morning I mouth the words of devotion, but if I truly examine my soul, these words are false. I proclaim faith, yet I doubt. I ask to be led, yet I make my own path. I say I trust you, Lord, to provide, yet I make feverish contingency plans.

My Lord, my Lord. Set my intentions aright. Let my faith be actual and true. If I say I trust, let me then trust.

If I draw near to you, then you will allow yourself to be known. Yet I do not draw near enough. Let me walk toward you.

Let me abandon worry. You support me through all. Let me abandon plans. You guide my feet whether I know it or not. Let me abandon self-reliance. You reward dependence and trust.

God, let my faith grow. It is so inadequate. Let me trust in you ever more, even in spite of my doubt. Let me do your will today, and let this be my expression of devotion.

(Letter #1002)