Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dear God, what will be the true story that can be told about this day? What false and incomplete story will I be tempted instead to tell myself?

In my reflections, I so often see things happening to me, forces acting upon me – denying that I exert any driving force. At other times, I am too quick to imagine myself to be the lead actor, causing all the wheels of the world to turn.

In truth, when conditions are challenging, I tell the story of victimhood. When conditions are in my favor, I tell the story of action.

All false.

Lord, let my view of the world, and of my place in it, become clearer. Grant me humility to abandon the dramatic stories I tell of myself. Let me invert my flawed perceptions: When experiencing ease, let me see where to be grateful for the undeserved gift. When experiencing trials, let me see where my own actions have and can affect my circumstances.

Lord, make me willing to accept responsibility for my doings, and relinquish credit for accidental success.

Let me seek and do your will today, O Lord. Let that be my story: That he sought to fulfill the role he was ordained. Let it end there, sufficient unto itself.

(Letter #1005)