Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dear God, what is my highest and best use today? Show me, Lord, and make me above all willing to pursue it.

I am so willful and reactive. Each event around me, no matter how near or far, small or large, seems to call for response. Come to me, my Lord. Fill me with knowledge of your will for me. Let me be willing to place your will before my own – to pursue contrary actions.

When I want revenge, let me seek compassion. When I want idleness, let me seek effort. When I want notoriety, let me seek anonymity.

Lord, today, let me pursue your will as if doing so were my gift to the world. Let me hear your voice and do what it impels. Let me quietly labor, trusting that such work is your path for me.

The hammer does not judge the work of the carpenter, nor choose which nails to drive. Let me be your instrument today, willing in all cases and without judgment. If I am to be a hammer, let me be the most useful one I can be. Let me be grateful when you raise me to enact your will.

Thank you, Lord.

(Letter #1007)