Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dear God, worry and fear are so often with me. I awaken frightened of all I face in the day. How many times before this morning have I felt same, and returned to you to ease my apprehension? If I focus on your will for me, the worry dissipates for a moment here, a moment there.

I would have thought the lesson would be learnt by now – yet worry still is my unwelcome companion.

Is this your will for me? How can I see this affliction as a gift? Let me view my inner life in such a way that I become grateful. How, Lord, can I become grateful for my fears?

The repetition of your lessons, at least, brings with it improvement. I awaken with trivial worries and I know immediately to redouble my efforts to seek your will. Perhaps this is preparation for greater tests to come. Or perhaps it is meant to show the way to others. Perhaps, finally, it is to keep me close to you.

Lord, please reveal to me your will today, and let me set about to act upon it. Let me help others today.

(Letter #1022)