Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dear God, let me not have an idle mind today. Let me fill it with thoughts of faith, with positive ideas.

I feel beset with negative viewpoints all around, and I myself contribute to this through the thoughts I pursue, the conversations in which I take part, the inner dialogue I maintain.

Lord, I cannot wait passively to be struck faithful. You have granted me, your servant and creature, a mind. I can direct my thinking towards love, or towards those complaints and battles that lead, ultimately, to hate. I know well whither those roads go.

Lord, let me consciously choose to be a being of love today. Let me turn away from frustration, judgment, and complaint – mindful of how poisonous those things are to me. Let me acknowledge my own role in my inner life, and root out the things that make me misshapen in outlook.

Let me spread love.

(Letter #1026)