Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dear God, let me reflect your light into every corner today. Let me bring gladness.

Lord, today I will walk along the path you have set. What I encounter will be determined by you. My role is to try my best to discern your will, to find each opportunity to be helpful.

Let my faith shine so brightly that those around me wonder at your power. Let me have ease today, knowledge of the next right action. Let this ease beckon others to seek you.

Let me efface myself. Let me erase my own feeling of accomplishment. Let me not strive for selfish ends, but instead seek to demonstrate your power – the power you have to create ease and serenity.

Let me glide quietly through the day, held erect by you. Let the light you shine from me call others to follow the path of self-forgetting. Lord, let me be useful to my fellows today.

(Letter #1033)