Saturday, November 25, 2017

Dear God, let me try my best to be a being of love. The greatest gift I might pass on to others is a glimpse of what you have bestowed on me: peace. From you I have received peace of mind. Even amidst troubles, deep down I know I am unmoved.

Let me please give to those around me some small measure of comfort. I see so many who are agitated, fearful, angry, envious, frustrated — let my own such emotions dissipate. Let the calm you bestow upon me become a beacon to others. All can have your gift of peace. Let me try, today, to live such that others might believe this is so.

Let me gaze around me with equanimity and love. Let others’ vexations and worries flow around me, leaving me unbespotted. Let me cling to you as you glide over the landscapes and their battles. Carry me, apart from the muck of the world. Let others see, that they may hope.

Let me try to deserve the grace that holds me aloft.

(Letter #1060)