Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Dear God, let me not hoard your love, your resources. For what am I saving, in what tomorrow would you not support me? My smallness, my defective miserliness – remove it. What I have, today, let me give.

Let me bestow every last bit of energy and well-being as I try to improve the comfort and lives of others. Let me not be a stagnant pond, saving up my brackish water for some imagined future use – but instead let me be a clear stream from which the creatures all around me may drink and refresh themselves.

Grant me willingness to live without thought of my own well-being. Deliver to me, O Lord, the faith that will allow me to live risking it all for you. Wherever you guide me, let me go willingly, even unto the jaws of the lion.

(Letter #1091)