Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dear God, O my beneficent ruler! Take me by the hand and lead me where you would have me begin my work. I cannot know the tasks beforehand, nor the outcome, nor your purpose — let me simply act as guided.

I am powerless over all these things around me: these circumstances, these comings and goings of others, these moods that fall upon me like storms or drift by me like mists. These outcomes.

Let me feel this personally, not as fiction or concept but as fact. Let my powerlessness open the way to complete, utter surrender to your will. Abandon.

Let me, O Lord, approach this day without expectation, even without hope. Empty and waiting, willing to be led. Let me have total surrender and see this morning through eyes of wonder.

Where will you place me today, my dear Lord? Let me do your will in that spot.

(Letter #1102)

Friday, January 5, 2018

Dear God, let me eagerly give it all away. Let me expend all of my energy and resources pursuing your will. Let me welcome poverty and depletion; you will only refill me when I am empty.

I look to periods of deprivation with fear. I squander periods of plenty on selfish expenditures of funds, time, and effort.

God, my dear Lord, direct my mind and intentions. Let me first seek your will. When I have resources, let me abandon myself to pursuing you. When I have lack, let me then devote myself to trusting in you ever more intently.

Let me, in this way, be fully devoted. All in.

(Letter #1101)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Dear God, I perceive my burdens to be so large, when in reality you only ask me to carry a small load and that for just one day. The weight is therefore small.

Let me see rightly, let me see that all is well, that I am more than sufficient to my tasks. Let me see this truth.

Let me live with gratitude that the world is not ordered as I fear it could be – that, instead, I inhabit your mansion, as your servant, amply provided for.

(Letter #1100)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dear God, I think mostly of myself. How I will get ahead, how circumstances affect me, how I can be happy. Such a narrow pursuit, such a flawed outlook.

Lord, grant me a better attitude. Let it be my mission to improve conditions for all those around me. Let me not think of myself so much. Let me place the well-being of others ahead of my own selfish considerations.

Thy will be done.

(Letter #1099)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dear God, let me bear others’ burdens. Let me lighten their load. Let this be my pursuit today: to help others.

Every problem I may think I have, every trial, let me lay it at your feet. Let me heap every problem onto your carpet, trusting you will address them. You lighten my burden, O Lord, so I can then assist others.

Let me give without thought of my own woes. Let me, today, be a dynamo of industry, building a community of love. Brick by brick, let me carry the loads of my fellows.

(Letter #1098, year four begins)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Dear God, let me dwell in and on this day. I have regrets over yesterday, fears over tomorrow. I view the road ahead with a weary heart.

Today, in this moment, there is sufficiency. You grant me what I need and more, here and now.

Lord, let me look on this day with gratitude. Let me not fear tomorrow’s lack, nor yesterday’s squandering. Today, you support me – and tomorrow will be a today no different than this one.

(Letter #1097)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dear God, deliver me from arrogance. In so many areas, in so many ways, my chief defect is my prideful feeling of self-sufficiency. It takes me away from you, and I begin to believe myself to be a leader. I have dominion over others. My reliance on you, and hence any claim to humility I may have, slip away.

Knock me down, O Lord. Remove my pride. Make me ready to be a servant. Let me seek your will above all.

(Letter #1096)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dear God, I have a secret and it is you. As I walk through the day, interacting with this or that person or task, let me dwell fondly on my relationship with you. Your love for me.

I am adored — as are we all. Let me be awake to this, all throughout the day, safe, secure, enfolded in your embrace. No matter what happens in the area surrounding my body, or to my body, no matter my exertions, no matter my chores and tasks, no matter, even, my conflicts and warfare — you beam down upon me, you whisper into my ear, you wrap me in a warm cloak.

Dear Lord, you are here with me, simply waiting for me to glance your way. Let me feel you adore me.

(Letter #1095)

Friday, December 29, 2017

Dear God, how can I be of use today? All my plans and thoughts are selfish. I seek leisure, ease, advancement, pleasure, security, status, praise. All for me.

Lord, let me shed these pursuits, and instead keep a simple aim: seeking and doing your will. Let me ask, over and over and over, what you would have me do. Let me accept the guidance that comes, even when you would have me do nothing, or act contrary to my desires.

O Lord, let me live faith today, as your servant and agent. Let me not seek to improve my position, but to aid and advance those around me.

Thy will be done today, let me seek and do it.

(Letter #1094)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dear God, let me not pine for a feeling of connection or serenity. My feelings are not important. Let me, instead, seek your will even though I may wish to pursue my own aims, even though my feelings may be ones of isolation and self-sufficiency. These are the times I need your dominion over me the most.

I meditate and pray not to feel better, but to set aside how I may feel.

Lord, let me seek your will today first, in all things.

(Letter #1093)