Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dear God, I cannot see the future. Rather than fill me with dread, this should be cause for joy. What surprises are in store for me today? Let me please wonder this as a small child wonders with their parent has planned for them. Expectant and eager.

Lord, let me have enthusiasm for this day ahead. No matter what plans I have or how routine my agenda, let me view everything that transpires as a joyous surprise. Each interaction is an opportunity to provide benefit for others.

I am taught that, in order to maintain these spiritual gifts, I must give them away. When I give away the gifts you have showered upon me, I am helping all. I must turn none away.

This can be an uncomfortable attitude for me to take. Does everyone deserve my good will? Does everyone deserve your gifts? Of course the answer is yes – even those I may despise. Lord, let me cheerfully have a kind and giving attitude in every setting today.

Let me shine your light.