Monday, March 20, 2017

Dear God, I awaken with fears about the tasks I must perform today. What am I worried about? When I closely examine it, I find that I am worried about what people will think of me. I am worried that I may fail, and my status in the eyes of others may diminish. This implies that I see all of society as ranked, from lowest to high – and that I am desperate to maintain the rung I am on.

Dear Lord, what an impoverished view of humanity. Please release me from this false understanding. Let me see all of your children, those who are vexing as well as those whom I admire, as equal. Above all, let me not strive to get ahead nor to rise, for the pursuit of success blocks me from you.

God, let me see all tasks as equally worthy, for they come from you. Let me seek to perform my duties with quiet craftsmanship, satisfied in the knowledge of the effort and care that go into the work – work which is often not on display. The cabinetmaker’s finest achievements are hidden deep within the piece he builds.

Let my work for you, Lord, have outward simplicity, and inner quality.