Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dear God, when I anticipate difficult situations, it is easy for me to hold fast to your guidance. I can seek your will under such slow-moving conditions. Indeed, it is seeking guidance during the difficult time of anticipation that gets me through it.

But what of the trial itself? When embroiled in crisis, when events are fast-moving – Lord, at such times, let me be able to summon my faith in you. For you are not simply a balm to soothe me when anxious. You literally provide answers and you direct events.

When events unfold, let me have a faith so deep that, right there at that point of trial, I have the presence of mind to ask, “What will you have me do right now, O Lord?”

God, you expect little of me, when I think about it rightly. Even when engaged in large endeavors, you require of me only that I seek you. Every day, if I persist in seeking you, I come just a little closer to you. This is not the dictate of a taskmaster, but the promise of a friend.

Let me be your friend.