Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dear God, I fell asleep, and have awakened, reflecting on my shortcomings. I am a selfish being, deep in my core. One way this presents itself is that I too often take pleasure in being the center of attention. Nothing pleases me so, as to be noticed and praised.

Lord, this pleasure is fleeting, without substance. It eventually turns to ash in my mouth. The attention I seek is a spiritual defect: it works directly against the humility you would see in your children.

I am one among many. Indeed, there are seven billion on this globe and you love each equally. You love me no less than any other. But nor do you love me greater than my fellows.

Today, Lord, let me place myself to the side. Let me quietly labor in service to others. Let this be a discipline, let it subvert the pride and self-regard I too easily demonstrate.

Let me seek humility. Let it open the space for a right,-sized view of my place in the world, and my place in relation to you.

Lord, guide me today into a deeper faith. Let me look upward, to you, and not inward to self.

Let me act as one among many, all equally protected and loved by you.