Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dear God, on an extended trip, away from family and from my accustomed routines, I get lonely and resentful. I pare down my activities to a minimum, enduring the time apart. Getting through.

This is how I approach everything that seems to be a trial, or is even disagreeable: I endure.

Lord, how can I better see trials, the large as well as the small, as gifts and opportunities from you? Why must my feeling of joy be dependent on the outside world and what is happening around me? How easy it is to have a joyful and grateful attitude when conditions are pleasant.

Let me find joy even amidst difficult or burdensome circumstances. You are there with me, Lord, in good times and in bad. Why should I not rejoice, then, even in the midst of crisis?

Indeed, in times of calamity I can often see your hand. My greatest difficulty in having a proper attitude comes amidst the minor vexations of life. The minor, irksome things often pose the greatest barrier to seeking you.

Lord, let me find a joyful, correct attitude today. I know this will come by pouring energies into serving others, for they are manifestations of you. All of us your children.

Let me not endure, but instead revel in the minor obligations you place upon me. Let me seek and do your will today, joyously.