Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dear God, you know my every secret longing and desire. You know my good and my bad. All was built by you and all is worthy of your love. Why, then, do I not pray for those things that will please me? You know what I want in every moment, why do I not name these things to you? Instead, I seek your will for me, I seek willingness to do this.

You have shown me that my greatest peace comes when I am in alignment with your will. And I have learned that growth comes to me out of the discipline of seeking this alignment.

Like any child, I want juvenile gratifications. Security, more than my share. Status, more than is deserved. Pleasure, more than my due. Lord, let me take joy from growing nearer to you and shedding these childish demands.

It is a mystery to me how it is that overcoming self can result in such joy. Yet this is my experience. This is what you have shown me.

Lord, let me be willing, today, to do your will in all things. Let me place all my plans and tasks behind this one goal: to be nearer to you.

(Written this morning, 4/1/2017 #822)