Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dear God, the road has narrowed. As I survey my inner life, I see ever more defects. Some small transgression that used to go unnoticed may now seem glaring. Every day there is new progress I can make in becoming the person you would have me be.

Lord, so often I cause harm by my private attitude. Perhaps I inwardly judge those around me harshly – and this poisons my behavior.

Lord, let me be accepting and kind toward all. Let me view those around me as your children, as indeed my beloved siblings.

As I separate from and judge others, I separate from you. I deny myself of your love. What a tragedy that is. Abundance all about me, and yet I spitefully pout and starve myself.

Lord, let me view every single aspect of my life today as a gift delivered from you to me. Let me view all — those whom I adore and those who may vex me — as sent personally by you. For me. Let me discern the message they carry. Let me discern your love. Let me do your will today.

(Letter #823)