Friday, April 28, 2017

Dear God, every day is the same length. When I face each one I gaze out upon an equal duration. Yet some days stretch before me as a yawning chasm and I am filled with fear and misgiving. Others appear short and I wish they were longer. Some seem filled with too much to do; others empty.

Lord, let me see these all with the same, even attitude. Each day is filled with moments, and you stand beside me at each one. Let me trust that you will provide enough strength and resources, moment by moment, to act as you would have me do.

I may be fearful of what I anticipate coming my way, but in reality it is almost always just one or two things that I fear. An isolated task I am unsure I can do. Yet I allow this one moment, which may not even occur, to cast a shadow on the whole day.

Lord, let me live in a series of moments. Let me not think of the day ahead but of the one single thing that faces me here and now. Let me act in this present moment exactly as I ought, your obedient servant. You have already delivered to me exactly what I need, right here. Let me recognize it.

Today, let me be kindly to all I greet. Every single moment, let me carry your message of love. Show me your will – not later but right now, just as you always have done. All I need do is listen and trust. Let me do so with a grateful heart.

(Letter #849)