Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dear God, I have awakened early and completed some of my obligations. Laboring in these dark hours brings a feeling of usefulness and devotion. My labors are for you, O Lord!

This morning I am studying the book of James. He insists that faith without works is dead. His writing calls me to understand that this prayer, this contemplation, this faith I have and profess – these are not enough. He calls me to work in this world, work on behalf of others.

Lord, let me understand this obligation you place upon me. Let me see coasting, resting on my laurels, as not just indulgent but in fact wrong.

Shirking my duty of charity is wrong. Avoiding the obligations that attend to me leaves my faith dead.

Lord, let me seek out ways to work on your behalf today. Let me not passively let such opportunities come to me, but actively create them. You hold high expectations of me. Let me be the servant you require.

(Letter #850)