Monday, May 1, 2017

Dear God, your messages often come to me in the form of words or deeds by others. Let me be attentive to these signals. Let me not wall myself off from the world and imagine you will only visit me alone in my quiet times. You are with me in every circumstance – the challenging, the hectic, the soothing, the joyous, the bitter, the fearsome, the ecstatic. Let me see you with me at all times. You are ever present, not only when I seek you.

If you are with me always, then worry is futile. It is escape from your presence – leaving you in the here and now to fantasize about some future potential. You have called me to the present, and placed today’s events before me. Let me have the obedience to do today’s work and leave tomorrow to your design.

Lord, let me have faith that all is well. Let me see my worry as a test of faith. Can I trust? Can I do your work even when tomorrow’s results are unknown? Can I love, even when fearful?

Deepen my faith, O Lord, deepen my love, deepen my recognition of your grace. Let me be willing to learn humility.

Thy will be done.

(Letter #852)