Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dear God, so many things that used to cause me worry and vexation have long since dissipated. Little by little, you address my woes and take away my troubles. Now, I can barely recall those things that previously agitated me and consumed my attention. They seem to be from another life.

Lord, this is perhaps the greatest gift I have received. My trials became lessons. This happened slowly, over time.

You rarely visit me in dramatic fashion. When you parted the Red Sea, you did not do it cinematically. It happened overnight, not all at once. The problem receded – it did not vanish.

Dear Lord, let me trust that such will be the case for that which troubles me today. Yesterday’s worries have faded. Today’s will too. Let me therefore thank you with a glad heart for all I face today. Let me be grateful for my trials.

Whether I address them directly, and so discover inner resources, or whether you remove them slowly, so I rediscover your power, they have all been delivered by you. Just for me. Let me see them through eyes of love. Let your will be done today and all days.

(Letter #904)