Friday, June 23, 2017

Dear God, you allow me to go through the day, if I so wish, under the illusion that I am alone in this world, that I alone must address the tasks and challenges placed before me. What a burden this way of thinking is. I have only finite energy, yet it takes almost constant effort to live this way.

Lord, you have shown me a better way. The truth is that you are there with me, if I only but seek you. You place all of the pieces in my life, and provide the power and energy needed in exact supply. There is always enough.

Lord, you are a source of abundance. I need but see it all around me.

Thank you for opening my eyes to your loving presence and your power. Let me avail myself of it. Let me not shut myself off from you by obstinately placing myself at the center of everything.

My experience has been that, if I try to do your will, if I seek to know your will, if I exert myself on behalf of those around me — that I feel your presence. Let me view any sense of fatigue I have as a reminder that you are the one with the power. Let it remind me to seek you.

Grant me eyes to see, ears to hear. You are present. Let me touch you.

(Letter #905)