Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dear God, let me have a positive attitude today. For too long I have viewed my days as being filled with trials and difficulty. But in truth, this is a fiction. A story I tell myself.

In fact, my day to day existence is filled with moments and experiences I should see as joyful. I have a family that loves me, work that is fulfilling, enough resources to thrive today and tomorrow.

My troubles, so-called, have to do with my attitude: I am despondent because I do not get what I want or have diminished status among my fellows. I am anxious because some negative interaction might take place that causes me discomfort. I am angry because someone does not show me respect I think I deserve.

None of these are real – all stories. Stories in which I cast myself in the role of victim.

Today, Lord, let me tell myself the story of redemption, of thriving, of love. Let me pass on this tale to others.

Thy will be done today.

(Letter #911)