Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dear God, I like to tell myself that I seek simplicity, yet if I examine my life and activities I am far from it. My life feels quite complicated, with competing demands and aims, conflict, worries and troubles.

In truth, much of this complexity I bring upon myself, and indeed I perversely seek out. I complain of woe and trouble, yet I must, on some level, desire that very thing – for the trouble in my life is in fundamental ways brought on by my own actions. And even when this is not so, my attitude is then to blame. My selfish ego.

Lord, let me actively seek out a simple life. Let me avoid complexity. Let me only turn my attention to one thing at a time, marching through the day in a single-minded effort to do your will.

Thy will be done today, O Lord. Let this be sufficient.

(Letter #916)