Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dear God, let me turn my thoughts today to gratitude. Let me be grateful for all you have wrought in my life. Every circumstance is of use, if I but find how.

I am anxious as I face the day. I fear I will not be up to the tasks set before me. I fear I have done too little and shirked, and now I will be called to account. I fear my financial resources are inadequate, stretched too thin. I fear something terrible will befall me or those I love.

This litany fears. They are so unremarkable and ordinary. There is nothing unique in them and they must surely be felt by many. If that is so, then surely, Lord, you must easily remove them.

God, please cure my thinking. I so often face these fears and worries, as if each day is a fresh potential catastrophe. How can this go on? It is tiring, unsupportable.

Change me, Lord. I torture myself with my worry and poor attitude. Grant me a way out.

Let me please direct my attention and efforts toward my fellows. Take my focus away from myself, where it does no good. Let me serve others today and in so doing let me do your will.

(Letter #917)