Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dear God, let me have right motives today. I too often congratulate myself on this or that good deed, while ignoring the selfish reasons behind many of my actions. I help someone, so I may receive praise. I worry about others' welfare, as a means of exerting control. I avoid challenging conversations, out of fear that I will not be liked.

Lord, direct my motives. Make me into a good person both in deed and in thought. Let me be willing to be that person. Remove my defects and replace them with virtue.

Where I am dishonest, make me instead honest.

Where I am selfish let me instead have concern for others.

Where I am prideful, let me instead have a measure of humility.

Where I am lazy and slothful, let me instead be industrious.

Where I have self-pity, let me instead have acceptance.

Remake me, O Lord. Guide my heart and feet.

(Letter #953)