Friday, August 18, 2017

Dear God, I say I seek you, but what does this mean? What actions do I take that make it so?

If I am honest, I do little more than wish for you, O Lord. I hope your presence might be felt. But there is little I can point to that constitutes seeking.

Lord, let me be more active in my search for you. Let me stop more frequently to listen for guidance. Let me take action contrary to my instincts more often. Let me submit to spiritual discipline in greater measure.

These are the ways I seek you. Not through passive daydreaming, but through practical action.

I am on an expedition, an explorer for you. Let me not rest idle, hoping the goal might wander over my way. Let me journey towards you. I know all you ask is that I take but one honest step in your direction and you will be there to carry my burden.

Let me step your way.

(Letter #961)