Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dear God, let me fill this day with positive action. I too often surrender to idleness and complaint. Or worse, worry and conflict. These are all self-indulgent, selfish ways of being.

You have made me, O Lord, you have made this world, you have delivered this day. Am I to squander it all?

Acting selfishly, sitting idly, thinking darkly: this delivers me unto the evening with regret, shame, and remorse.

Guide my thoughts, dear God. Bring me a motive force, impel me to act rightly. Let me be a light today. Let the day close with the knowledge that your will has been done.

Grant me, Lord, the satisfaction that is due an obedient child. Grant me willingness and power to do your bidding today. Let me not pursue my own designs, but yours.

(Letter #962)