Monday, August 21, 2017

Dear God, whisper in my ear. Speak to me quietly, softly. The day is filled with clamor and noise, yet I hear your low voice, intimately on my shoulder. Let me listen for it. Let me be attentive to your still, small voice.

The day so often ends with nothing for me to show for it, but a list of trivia. Let me choose mindfully my actions today, that at day’s end I might set them down on a list of which I may say, “Here are the fruits of an intentional life.”

Let my every act today, and every period of rest, be directed by you. Let me act with intention. Let me not float through the day, like a leaf in the river. Let me move with purpose, with your purpose, under instructions whispered secretly in my ear.

Let me hear and act, O Lord.

(Letter #964)