Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dear God, I feel you lifting me up. I am buoyed by your love. I spend so much time and energy reflecting on my shortcomings. And yet you love me as your child. Let me cast aside my self-recrimination, my self-administered punishment, my catalog of defects. Let me hold my head up and glide through this world, secure in the knowledge of your love for me.

I honestly seek improvement. Faith and experience tell me this is sufficient, if I but act on this desire. I act as if I am that improved person whom you would have me be, and my inner life becomes a reflection of that.

Let your light enter me, O Lord. Let me feel your light. Let me feel the weight of regret and remorse fall off of me, as if they were heavy burdens, easily dropped.

Let me shed my encumbrances, let me stand before you, empty-handed. I am your child, walking among brothers and sisters. What could I need to carry when your love is all around?

Lord, let me walk lightly through this day unspotted, enwrapped in your glowing love. Let me seek and do your will.

(Letter #963)