Friday, September 1, 2017

Dear God, let me have and bring joy today. So often I feel myself endure hardship or disappointment, yet if I examine this attitude, I find it is founded upon illusion. My disappointments are only so because that is how I perceive them.

In truth, I am surrounded on all sides with reasons to rejoice. I awakened under a roof and without hunger. I have people who love me in my life, and I them. I am not uncertain of the source of my next meal. My limbs work, my mind is clear. I am employed.

And above all, I am in relationship with you, my sweet Lord. I speak to you each morning.

I wander through halls of treasure, eyes closed, cursing each time I collide with some new chest of gold, believing it an obstacle. Lord, impel me to open my eyes and see the palace you have built around me. Seeing it, let me share the news with my fellow wanderers, for we are all shuffling around, equally blind.

Let me reflect your light upon this world.

(Letter #975)