Saturday, September 2, 2017

Dear God, I approach you expectantly, even enthusiastically. I anticipate our time together. My Lord, my secret friend. Locked up in my closet, away behind the barriers I erect from the world, I speak to you and I listen for response. I cry out to you, “what shall I do?” Yet I would better ask for the willingness to wait, to watch to see instead what miracles you will do.

I harbor the illusion that this world is a challenge for me to conquer, a puzzle for me to solve, labor for me to dispatch. As if all were up to me. Yet you are the motive force behind all. The workings and movements are yours.

Lord, I pretend to believe you. Yet I know well the insufficiency of my belief, for what I truly seek is a set of instructions for my own action. If I do not act, the structure of the world will collapse. So I believe.

Lord, dispel this fallacy. Take away my illusions of power. Let me see your dominion as the gift it is. I do not have to support the world, nor do the events of the day depend upon me.

You will provide. You do provide. You have always done so, my secret friend.

Let me believe in you today.

(Letter #976)